With the world moving on a rapid techno-savvy mode, and India enriching itself in terms of technology and economy, Skill development has become an utmost requirement for any institute/ organization at large. Ideas leads to innovations- having this aspect Stanley college of engineering and technology for women has put forth a platform to all their students to come forward with their innovative ideas. Stanley Idea labs is a platform that not just improvises their academics but also enhances their skills leading them to be the future entrepreneurs.

To encourage students to come up with creative and innovative ideas and provide a platform to enrich themselves as the future entrepreneurs. To encourage students with a research bent of mind to develop their study, nurture their ideas into implementation by providing them required guidance and infrastructure. To provide utmost support so as to convert projects and technical research studies into business opportunities.

To promote entrepreneurship across all discipline, implement innovative ideas by facilitating all round exposure to technology and guidance. To develop a commercialization environment for faculty, staff, and students interested in research and development.

  • Organize events for students so as to upgrade their skills.
  • To nurture, refine and develop the innovative ideas.
  • To motivate students and promote entrepreneurship
  • Facilitate students with required infrastructure and guidance to turn ideas into inventions.
  • To convert ideas into inventions using their respective academic courses and concepts.