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To create a group of independent thinking members who can harmoniously blend various aspects of Nature to create Technologies beneficial to humanity at all levels of Life.

To awaken the creative talents through phased learning of scientific, mathematical and engineering methodologies leading to the conception, design and implementation of technological systems.

R&D – Sigma is a Student Centric Research & Development Cell which focuses on the Integration of what students learn in Mathematics and Pure Science with Engineering.

Composition of Sigma :

S.NoDepartmentNames of the Faculty memberDesignation
1.  ECEProf. Ravindharan EthirajDirector – Sigma
2.  ECEProf. Gopala SharmaMember
3.  ECEDr. M. Kezia JosephMember
4.  ECEMrs. B. SuneelaMember
5.  ECEMrs. M. ParvathiMember
6.  ECEMr. Charles Daniel RajendraCoordinator
7.  CSEDr.R. ManivannanMember
8.  CSEMr. Rajashekar ShastryMember
9.  CSEDr. B.SrinivasuMember
10.  CSEMiss. P.R. AnishaMember
11.  ITMrs. D. RadhikaMember
12.  EEEDr. V. RajagopalMember
13.  EEEProf. P.V.Rama SharmaMember
14.  EEEMrs. D. RosillaMember
15.  H&SDr. Nagi ReddyMember
16.  H&SMrs. Saroj RevankarCoordinator

Composition of Student members in R&D activities :

S.NoNames of the Student MemberBranchYearDesignation
1Miss. Olivia Varnika DECEFourthStudent Member
2Miss. Rashminder KaurECEFourthStudent Member
3Miss. A. NavyaECESecondStudent Member
4Miss. M. RajaniECESecondStudent Member
5Miss. B. KarishmaECESecondStudent Member
6Miss. Saleema HumeraECESecondStudent Member
7Miss. P. RasagnyaECESecondStudent Member
8Miss. B. Sai. HariniECESecondStudent Member
9Miss. Nandita ManvarCSESecondStudent Member
10Miss. A. SagarikaCSESecondStudent Member
11Miss. Shayestha ParveenCSESecondStudent Member
12Miss. R. BhavaniCSESecondStudent Member
13P. NeeharikaECEFirstStudent Member
14P. SowmyaECEFirstStudent Member
15L. Sri LikhithaECEFirstStudent Member
16Miss. Liza Simran FernandesCSESecondCoordinator
17Miss. Anam FatimaECESecondCoordinator

On Going Research

Birefringence Studies in Optoelectronics Materials

This is  For  Adjudication

Thermo Birefringence and Polarizability Studies in Li Rich Lithium Niobate Using Point Dipole Approximation

Mr. B. Sathyanarayan Reddy  Submitted to Osmania University for the Award of Doctorate Degree, February 2016.

Papers Published

  • Thermo Optic and Thermo Polarizability Coefficients of Lithium rich Lithium Niobate by the  Point  Dipole Approximation—International Journal of Current Engineering and Technology, Vol.6, No.1.Feb.2016
  • Study of Thermo-Polarizabiliy of ions in Lithium rich Lithium Niobate by the Point  Dipole Approximation –International Journal of Thermal Technologies, Vol.5 , No.4, Dec.2015.


2. Propagation Delay in Ferroelectric Optical Waveguides

  • Contribution to Goos – Hanchen Shift in Optical Waveguides due to  variations of optical parameters at the surface.   

In collaboration with Dr. P. Manohar and Mr. B. Sathynarayan Reddy.

3. Propagation Parameters In Microwave Materials  Via Dipole Approximation.

In collaboration with Mr. K. Sahu, Department of ECE, SCETW.

Ongoing Projects

  • Sound, Frequency and Emotional Differentials. – Sri Ramya  & Hima Bindu Kopally, ECE IV Year  (2015-16)
  • Hardware Aspects of Spatial Fourier Transforms. – Bhavani & Uzma Ihtesham, CSE II Year (2015-16)
  • Displacement Sensor Using Interference Technique. – Anam Fatima, A.Navya & M.Rajini, ECE II Year  (2015-16)
  • Radiation Patterns In Optical Diffraction Grating. – P. Soumya, L. Sri Likhitha  &  Neeharika, ECE I Year  (2015-16)