about h&S

About H&S Department

Stanley’s H&S department was set up to offer the students with a smooth transition into the engineering courses. The basics of various core topics are taught in the classes, to prepare the students for the more advanced engineering classes in the further levels.

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hs visionmission

Vision @ Mission ,PEOS

The vision of H&S department is to boost the fresher students with the required concepts, and make them sound in the engineering basics. The mission is to utilize the teaching skills and infrastructure to make the students well prepared to tackle the remaining graduation years.

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mba course stsructuer

Course Structure

The H&S course structure is announced by the Osmania University, and we follow it to offer the classes for our students. The tenure of this course is one year, and the subjects and practical sessions are distributed throughout the academic year.

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hs why

Why H&S Course @ Stanley

Stanley provides plethora of features for the H&S students, to make them explore the academics with great interest. The computers lab, drawing lab, electronics and electrical labs, etc. are provided with advanced infrastructure. The first year students are also free from ragging in and off the college premises.

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hs progrsm outcome

H&S POs and PSOs 

This program molds the fresher students to handle the professional courses. The basics provided for various aspects are crucial to understand the engineering concepts in the other graduation years. The students also attain perfection in the communication skills.

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h&s infrastructure

H&S Labs

Advanced infrastructure is provided for the H&S department in Stanley. All the academic labs are filled with the required equipment, and they are updated regularly according to the global education standards.

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H&S HOD Profile

HOD Profile

Dr. K. Nagi Reddy is the HOD of H&S department in Stanley. He has 32 years of experience in the education field, and He had submitted numerous research papers in the reputable global events. This fine experience is the reason behind the prosperity of this department.

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about ece

Department Faculty

The H&S department faculty can teach the first year students effectively, and make their transition into the professional engineering courses as smooth as possible. They also conduct the practical sessions efficiently.

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hs acadamic calender

Academic Calendars

Osmania University provides the academic planning for the H&S department, and we craft the academic calendars on the basis of this information. All the department events, including various examinations, are conducted according to them.

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hs research and pub

Research & Publications

The H&S department of Stanley encourages the first year students to participate in various research activities, and publish papers on these topics. We provide the required guidance and assistance for the students.

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Department Events

Stanley conducts a number of events for the H&S department. Cultural activities, conferences, technical fests, competitions, etc. are organized to improve the skills of the students, and inculcate competitiveness in them.

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Department Achievements

The first year students of Stanley are motivated to make them participate in various international and national programs. Our previous H&S students have achieved many landmarks in these competitions.

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Notice Board

Department Notice Board

The notice board provides the details about the current and future happenings in the H&S department. It helps the students to be updated about the department events, and participate in them actively.

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Department Blog

The blog of H&S department contains many articles about various engineering concepts. These articles are written by the staff and talented students. Our blog is a vital source of information for the readers, who are in search for content regarding the engineering topics.

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contact us

Department Contact

We provide the contact details of the H&S department, for assisting you, in case of any queries you have regarding the department. Email or call us, the choice is yours, and we will be excited to serve you.

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