about ece

About ECE Department

ECE department is started in 2008 in Stanley, and the group has produced many able electronic engineers till now. The prime motto of this department is to provide high quality electronics and communications engineering education to the students.


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vision & mission ece

Vision @ Mission ,PEOS

Stanley’s vision is to introduce exceptionally talented graduates to the electronics and communications industries, so that they offer impeccable services to the firms. Our mission is to device exemplary teaching programs to achieve this task.

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ece courses offered

Courses Offered

We offer B.E and M.E courses in ECE. The specialization, Embedded Systems, is offered in the M.E course. Though the depth of the subjects vary for each course, the technical concepts are well laid throughout the entire course structures.

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course structure

Course Structure

Stanley’s ECE department follows the course structure approved by the Osmania University. The B.E course ranges for 4 years, while the M.E. course is offered for 2 years. The subjects are distributed throughout the course tenures, to enable the students learn the core concepts gradually.

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outcome ece

ECE POs and PSOs 

The outcomes of ECE program suggest that the graduates will be proficient in the concepts related to electronics and communications, and they are ready to work for various global firms, to improve the productivities.

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Association Activities

Our ECE department has various associations, mainly with the renowned industries and electronic organizations, which are ready to offer technical assistance to our students in completing their projects and research works. They also provide advance technology to the graduates.

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ece carrer

ECE Career Prospects

The students will have many job opportunities, since the career prospects of ECE are gargantuan. There are many applications of electronics and communications, particularly in electronics industry, communications sector, computer industry, etc. Hence the requirement of electronics engineers is quite huge.

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why stanley ece

Why ECE Course @ Stanley

Touted for the exceptional teaching services, Stanley’s ECE department has transformed many students to fine electronics engineers. The infrastructure is provided by taking the student requirements into account, and the next generation lab equipment is offered for the ECE laboratories.

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ece infrasturcture

ECE Labs

The ECE students need exemplary infrastructure to flourish in their academics. Stanley understands their requirements, and provides cutting edge infrastructure accordingly. The laboratories, workshops, library, campus amenities, etc. are the fine examples for superior infrastructure at Stanley.

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HOD Profile

Prof. A Gopala Sharma obtained B.tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Nagpur University ,M.tech in Electronic Instrumentation in 1997 from Kakatiya University(REC) and has registered in PhD in Maharishi University of Information Technology.He has rich teaching experience of 19 years .He has published 10 papers in National and International Journals and Conferences. Before joining Teaching he has worked in Electronic Industry, RCI on contract for 2 years. His Areas of Interest are Automation, Embedded Systems and IOT

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ECE Facutlty

Department Faculty

The ECE department’s faculty are very important for molding the careers of the students. They provide incredible classroom experience, and innovative practical sessions. They are very potential in turning the electronics and communications students to highly professional engineers.

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acadamic calender

Academic Calendars

The academic calendars for ECE department define the activities to be performed throughout the semester. They are formulated according to the rules of Osmania University, and they are made available for the students to stay on line with the academic activities.

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research and publications

Research & Publications

We encourage the ECE students to indulge in the research activities, so that they can improve their theoretical and practical knowledge. The students are also supported to publish their papers in the renowned events.

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Department Events

The department events organized by the ECE department can provide fine exposure to the students, and enable them to display their innate skills. The events like workshops, paper presentations, symposiums, etc. are conducted throughout the year.

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ECE Achievements

Department Achievements

Our students and faculty have achieved various milestones in the prestigious programs conducted globally. They play an indispensable role in flourishing our college’s name.

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Notice Board

Department Notice Board

Our ECE department’s notice board is the fine venue for getting the information regarding various events and announcements made by the administration. It is a medium to let the students to know about the recent news of the department.

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Department Blog

Stanley’s ECE students update the department’s blog with numerous articles about the core topics. These content pieces provide exceptional knowledge to the readers, and it is the preferred site for many people to gain wisdom about the electronics and communications aspects.

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contact us

Department Contact

You can get in touch with the representatives of ECE department, to get clarifications regarding any queries. The contact details are provided, and we will be more than happy to clarify your doubts.

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