About EEE Dept

About EEE Department

Our EEE department was established in 2008, to offer exceptional electrical education to the girl students, and transform them into fine electrical engineers. We are successful in it, and able to make hundreds of them successful.


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Vision @ Mission ,PEOS

Our vision is to impart high motives and values in the electrical engineering education, and improve the skills of our students to secure challenging positions in the electrical industry. Our mission is to organize successful educational programs to achieve our vision.

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Courses Offered

We offer UG course in EEE, to develop the students from the core to make them able engineers. The intake is quite decent, since we believe in offering this course for maximum number of aspirants. Read more for the details about the course.


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Course Structure

The UG course for EEE at Stanley is offered for 4 years. The students can learn the electrical engineering concepts in a step by step procedure, and gradually, so that they can gain proficiency in these concepts over time.


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EEE POs and PSOs 

Our EEE girl students will be able to handle high profile job roles in the electrical industry. They are perfect in the electrical and electronics concepts, and they can implement this knowledge in the firms to develop new products, and improve the final output.

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Department Associations

Our associations with various electrical entities and firms can improve the quality of technical education for the students. They are provided with the technical expertise to conduct various research works, and they are even provided with the funds for these activities.


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EEE Career Prospects

The EEE career prospects are wide enough for our girl students to get placed in respectable jobs. There are many openings in the power sector, electrical industry, electronics industry, etc. Many public and private sector firms have huge requirement of electrical engineers.

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why eee

Why EEE Course @ Stanley

EEE course at Stanley is provided with excellent care regarding the classroom and practical coaching. The lecturers at our college have good experience in teaching and industry sectors, and they can make the students knowledgeable about the core concepts of electrical engineering, while preparing them for the real time environment in the electrical sector.

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Stanley offers complete infrastructure required for various kinds of research in electrical engineering. The machines and kits are updated regularly, to meet the education standards. Other amenities for the students are provided, to make them concentrate on the academics without any distractions.

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HOD Profile

The EEE department of Stanley is presided by the HOD, Dr. V. Rajagopal. His experience spans over 22 years in the industry, education and research sectors. His exceptional skills have gained him one patent and 45 global publications in the electrical and electronics engineering.

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Department Faculty

The EEE department has imminent faculty, who can enlighten the students with core EEE aspects, and make them perfect in the course. They can also provide real time experience for the students by organizing effective practical sessions

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Academic Calendars

The EEE students of Stanley are provided with the academic calendars, which notify about the academic schedules for organizing various activities. The academic syllabus and examinations are also implemented according to these schedules, and hence the students should follow these calendars.


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Research & Publications

The students and lecturers of Stanley EEE department indulge in various research activities throughout the year. They are successful in getting their works published, like research papers, books, etc.

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Department Events

Stanley conducts many department events, to make them excel in the academics, and inculcate exceptional practical skills. The science fests, cultural fests, conferences, etc. are fine venues for the students to show their skills.

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EEE Achievements

Department Achievements

Various achievements are posted by the students and teachers of the EEE department in Stanley. They took part in many global events, and displayed their mettle to win the prizes and medals.

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Notice Board

Department Notice Board

The EEE department’s notice board features the latest information about the group. The administration staff make announcements regarding the academics, events and so on via the notice board, so that the students know about the proceedings.

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Department Blog

The women students of EEE department in Stanley handle the stream’s blog, and upload a number of useful articles regularly. The content is prepared regarding the electrical and electronics aspects, and it is a knowledge hub for the readers.

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contact us

Department Contact

For any queries and doubts, you can contact us at the given contact email ids and phone numbers. We will provide detailed information for your questions, and make you enlightened about our department.

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