Why EEE @ Stanley

EEE is provided at graduation level in Stanley. Since this stream demands utmost level of teaching expertise and infrastructure, we have provided them to sculpt our students into fine electrical engineers.

We emphasize on teaching our students in two ways, theoretical and practical. Our theoretical sessions for the electrical students are provided in the classrooms, where our lecturers are keen on enlightening the electrical students with the academic concepts. The teachers provide clear explanation to the topics, so that the students can understand them easily. Every student is provided with due care, and they are provided with extra theoretical sessions if they are unable to understand the topics in the classroom.

Our practical coaching starts in the electronic laboratories, where the students have the freedom to work upon various projects, due to the availability of cutting edge equipment. Our lab instructors provide the required assistance to the students in performing their experiments.

Apart from the theoretical and practical coaching, we also give priority to other required infrastructure, like library, internet, cafeteria, etc. The library consists of thousands of volumes, and a digital library is also available for e-learning.

Being a women’s college, the security is of top notch and there is no concern whatsoever. Studying at Stanley can prove to be a fine decision of you, due to the secured future we offer for our students.