Program Outcomes

The H&S program can lead to the following outcomes. The students are able to

  • Understand the basics of general mathematics and science, and use them in the higher levels of engineering program. The basic concepts are very useful, since they are required for understanding various engineering subjects.


  • Use the principles of electronics, since they are provided with the training regarding the basic subjects and various electronic connections.


  • Interpret the basic electrical engineering concepts, and able to connect various components in any circuit, due to the practical training received in the electrical laboratories.


  • Understand the computer concepts and languages of basic level, and run the related programs successfully. It is utmost important for learning the high level languages, like JAVA, OOPS, etc. in the further graduation years.


  • Gain knowledge on the basic aspects of mechanical engineering. Since the students are provided with the mechanical workshop, they are able to understand and implement various theoretical concepts.


  • Perform engineering drawing, and implement it in the advanced levels of civil and mechanical engineering. The basic and important concepts are introduced in this workshop.


  • Communicate fluently in English. They are good at oral and written skills, and it makes them understand the engineering concepts effectively in the advanced levels of graduation.