Career Prospects

The EEE career prospects are highly positive, since there is a dedicated requirement of these engineers. The Electrical graduates can get placed in the following job roles.

Power Sector

The power sector needs thousands of electrical engineers to perform the core functions. The power production, distribution and transmission depends on the electrical workforce entirely, and hence it is the most lucrative field for the students. Many private and government owned power plants have a huge requirement due to the large scale power production projects they undertake.

Electrical Machinery Production

Various types of electrical machines are needed for home needs, industries, etc, and these machines are produced by the assistance of the electrical engineers. This is a wide career prospect for the electrical graduates, with lots of openings announced every year.


Since electrical students have core electronic subjects in their graduation, they are even eligible for the electronic jobs. They can serve as engineers for the mammoth electronic industries, and the big players, like Apple, IBM, Intel, etc.

Computer Sector

Electrical graduates are also appropriate for serving the computer engineering roles. Since these students have good computer skills, various companies are ready to hire them for crucial job roles. Since the computer industry, both hardware and software, is huge, there are a number of jobs for the electrical graduates.