Vision of the Department

Empowering girl students with the contemporary knowledge in Electronics and Communication     

Engineering for their success in life.

Mission of the Department

M1: To impart rationalized and high quality technical education and knowledge.

M2: To achieve self-sustainability and overall development through Research and Consultancy activities.

M3: To provide education for life by focusing on the inculcation of human and moral values through an honest and scientific approach

M4: To groom students with good attitude and personality skills.

Program Educational Objectives:

PEO1: Graduates shall have enhanced skills and contemporary knowledge in Electronics and Communication fields with social awareness and professional excellence towards successful employment, advanced learning and research.

PEO2: Graduates shall have life-long learning attitude, innovation and creativity to devise solutions for realistic and social problems in the society.

PEO3: Graduates have good attitude and personality skills, ethical values, teamwork and leadership skill towards professionalism and ethical practices within the organization and the society.