Career Prospects

The CSE career prospects are enormous, and the graduates can find themselves placed in the most lucrative jobs in the global market.

Software Engineer

Many CSE graduates settle as software engineers after the course completion. There are many software platforms, and you have to be specialized in any one of them to get the job. Else, you can put up a good performance at the in-campus placements in Stanley, and secure a job even if you are not specialized in any particular platform. The firms will provide training period to make you accustomed to the job role.

Hardware Engineer

This job role is all about the hardware components of the computer, like RAM, ROM, etc. There are a considerable number of CSE students who choose the hardware niche as their specialization, the fact being the attractive salaries offered to these professionals.

System Administrator

Any company needs computers for their work, and the systems should be administered by the professionals, so that no problem which hampers the company’s output arises during the functioning. The requirement is huge for this job role, since all firms need their systems to be maintained for optimal functioning. You should be proficient in computer maintenance, and good at troubleshooting for this job role.