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The field of Computer Science and Engineering has been pushing the envelope of almost all other disciplines, which use computing as a fundamental means of inquiry and tool for discovery. Computer science and engineering offers exciting, intellectually challenging, and rapidly growing career opportunities. It is the heart of where the action is: whether this means intelligent game playing, mobile applications, smart robots, cloud computing, data security, social networks, or bioinformatics.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering was established in 2008 with an intake of 60, enhanced to 180 in 2013. The department is headed by Dr. R. Manivannan. The department comprises 40 well qualified faculties of which 4 are Professors, 3 are Associate Professors and 33 Assistant Professors.

Computer Science and Engineering has two primary focuses: Computer Hardware Design: including an understanding of design methodologies for electronic circuits, digital systems, computer architecture and integrated circuits, and Computer Software Design: including an understanding of design methodologies for programming, algorithms and data structures, operating systems, large-scale software development, and the principles of computing and a wide variety of software applications across various computer languages.The Department has grown rapidly ever since its establishment. The department started M.Tech programme in Software Engineering in the year 2013 with an intake of 24.

Teaching-Learning process is given at most priority in pursuit of improving the quality of technical education. Innovative teaching aids and methodologies are used by the department towards this goal. The efficacy of the Teaching-Learning process is reflected in the consistently excellent results being achieved every year.

The department regularly organizes seminars, workshops, and guest lecturers for the students. Faculty development programs are organized for faculty to promote high standards in technical education.

We, at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, look forward to working with you to make your engagement with our department a successful and pleasant experience.

M. Tech (Software Engineering)Software Engineering is applying engineering techniques to optimize the development of software. With the rapid adoption of Information Technology, the demand for software development has increased many-fold. A Master degree in Software Engineering prepares students to optimize this huge industry. In this two year program, students from basic undergraduate level engineering apply the aspects of software development with a set of best practices that can be used by a variety of industries resulting in simpler, better performing and more usable software.

The core purpose of M.Tech in Software Engineering is to foster state-of the-art in Software Engineers and to transition this work to the community by producing the best software professionals.

This degree provides students with the theoretical foundations of Software Engineering, experience in team projects involving software development and management, hands-on experience with state-of-the-art tools, an understanding of advanced software development and management techniques, and exposure to the most recent developments.

The Computer Science & Engineering department has set up advanced laboratory facilities and the students are trained in these laboratories regularly by allotting suitable time slots in the regular time table. Students have access to high speed broad band internet connection and a well equipped department library. The main library and department library has on- line access to IEEE Journals and magazines. Students are encouraged to participate in national level conferences & present papers

Computer Science Engineering is a specialized discipline that combines electrical engineering and computer science. A computer science engineer is an electrical engineer with a focus on computer technology and power electronics. Hence it is a combination of these two disciplines with some transaction in between. Hence a CSE graduate may be considered as a software engineer with a focus on the relations between software programs and the underlying hardware technology.

To augment professional competence, the department supports in outside talents to gain more inputs, organizes periodical symposia and workshops not only to offer a newer dimension to the learning process but also infuse leadership qualities in the budding engineers.