Central Library

The Central library plays a central role in your education and we are here to help you learn to do research, find information. Within a College, providing and supporting information and technology usually falls to a variety of groups. At Stanley, we have brought all these functions into one division, Resources Information and Technology (RIT). […]

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Career Development

Training and Placement Cell offers a unique tutoring that caters not only to outgoing batches but to the entire student community as well. Training needed analysis is done to categorize the individual requirements of each student. The students are then trained for exponential growth by overcoming their flaws and through practical application of the knowledge they […]

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Center of Excellence

The “Centre of Excellence in Animation” at Stanley has been established in July 2014 along with DQ Entertainments Pvt. Ltd. The Centre aims to organize various Certificate programs and train students with the objective of nurturing them in the field of animation and visual arts. DQ Entertainments Pvt. Ltd. is an animation, gaming – production and distribution […]

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