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Stanley’s success is truly associated with the success of its alumni. Stanley has produced many leaders, social entrepreneurs, managers and IT professionals who collectively have abundance of knowledge and experience. The Stanley Alumni Association established in 2012 brings all these talented & outstanding people on to a single platform. This is an effort in a view of contributing to the growing generation, the Institute and the society as a whole. At Stanley, we believe in the 3 E’s – Engage, Energize and Enhance, and keeping this motto in mind, we flawlessly connect with the Institute, faculty, students and our associated alumni.

As you browse through the various pages of this web site, we are sure that you are reminded of days here at your alma mater. Take a look at Stanley today to see how much it has transformed and as you know ‘transformation’ is what Stanley believes in. The Alumni Association has been a platform to bring students of the same batch to meet and interact. By joining as a Life Member, you can access the Stanlians database for your benefit. All the alumni are welcome to participate in value addition Programs for the benefit of present students and the Institute as a whole. Please visit us while you are in Hyderabad.

The Stanley Alumni Association aims to develop synergistic plans to support to Institute in the process to achieve its vision by linking the alumni with the Institution. We believe that this process would help enhance the value of the Institution to its present and future stakeholders.

Based on the recommendations of the Principal, the Association has decided to assist the financially weak students from the academic year 2012-2013.


Committee Members

 The following are the Alumni committee members(Faculty) from various departments:

         Name                                      Designation                                                   email/Mobile No
1. Ms.K.Sarvani                                 President                                       
2. Ms Sreshta Rebecca                    Vice President                                
3. Ms.Laxmi Sharanya                      General Secretary                          
4. Mrs.G.Nirmala,                Joint Secretary                              
5. Mrs.D.Devi Lavanya,Asst.Prof      Treasury                                        
6. Ms.K.Arthi                                      Executive Member                        
7. Ms.J.V.Neha,Asst.Prof                   Executive Member                        
8. Mrs Afsha,Asst.Prof                       Executive Member                        
9. Mrs. B.Gnana Prasuna                  Main Coordinator                           
10. Mrs Udaini Chandana,Asst.Prof  Faculty in charge of ECE              
11. Mrs Devi Lavanya,         Faculty in charge of ECE              
12. Mrs Afsha,Asst.Prof                     Faculty in charge of MBA             
13. Mr Sandeep,Asst.Prof                 Faculty in charge of IT                  
14. Mrs.Priyanka Shukla                   Faculty in charge of EEE              


Alumni Process

  • Roles and Responsibilities: Principal motivated the committee to strengthen the alumni association by answering the questions:
  • What can we do for alumni? — By providing the referral job opportunities on the notice board and also providing the resources for continual training to the 
  • How alumni can contribute to our organization?– By interacting and mentoring the current students, organizing regional clubs.


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